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Singapore-based Professional Machinery Movers

Established in 1981, Kimly Machinery Mover is a private owned company specializing machinery delivery, installation, packing and unpacking, and shifting. Our clients include government-linked corporations, semi-conductor companies, and small and medium enterprises. Our dedicated machine mover team has the capability to solve and deal with the most complex industrial machineries. We are able to deliver on schedule and work within our client’s budget. Our team members are trained to treat your machinery with care. Whether it is a production line or a single machine, you can be sure to rely on us. Be assured that the job will be completed on time and within budget!

Kimly Machinery can handle most machinery and plant relocation to the exact requirements of our client. Let our professional team help you facilitate everything from the moving, positioning and installing of your machineries. With our own operating team of trucks, forklifts and trailers, we provide a complete turnkey operation. As a consequence, we create an efficient work model, minimize any miscommunication and conform to the highest safety standards. It also allows us to be more efficient and therefore pass on savings to our clients.

In addition, we are also equipped with custom-made tools to further enhance our competency and to fulfil the needs of each client by offering flexible and creative solutions; no constraints and obstacles are too big for us. By offering a complete assessment of all your requirements, Kimly Machinery Movers is adept at handling even hi-tech and clean room equipment. Even heavy rigging is not a problem for us! Our custom-made tools allow us to be versatile in adapting to all kinds of circumstances. From heavy machineries to bulky and fragile items like statues, Kimly Machinery has handled them all. Our long track record attests to our flexibility and capabilities.

Since its inception, the company has been contracted by many major local corporations and foreign companies based in Singapore. We are sometimes required to complete a project based on the offshore islands of Singapore too. With our unsurpassed knowledge of local requirements and regulations for factory and plants, we embark every project with years of experience, giving our client the best possible option.

Services include:
Clients include:
- 3M
- Shimano
- Komatsu
- PUB (Public Utilies Board)
- Chartered Semiconductor
   and more...

Our services have also been engaged in Malaysia and Indonesia.

At Kimly Machinery, we are committed to delivering our work promptly and adhering to a high level of professionalism and safety standards.


Kimly Machinery can handle your entire project, from administrative work to specialized transportation. We have also been contracted to deal with plants relocation.

Services include:
- Machinery delivery
- Machinery Installation
- Machinery packing
- Machinery shifting
- Specialize (Machinery) Handling

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Machinery Delivery Machinery Installation Machinery Packing and Unpacking Machinery Shifting Machinery Handling

Tools and Equipments

We have designed (custom-made) tools and equipments specially for different purposes of machinery movement. All our tools are tested before each use to ensure their high level of performance and safety during actual use.

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Kimly Machinery offers a turnkey solution for our clients. We are able to handle the delivery, packing and unpacking and assembling of machineries. As we are able to design and modify our own tools to cater to the different requirement of each project, we can manage assignments of a wide ranging difficulty. It also results in cost and time savings for our clients.

Below are some of the project photos. Click it to learn more about these custom-made tools and equipments.

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